Monday, September 21, 2009

Fake SUJU 3rd ALBUM!!!!

well yes it was a faked SuJu [Super Junior] album = =
which is their third album entitled "Sorry Sorry"
well how i get a hand on this album? here is the story...
a KPOP fanatic Fangirl whose is an ELF who have been craving for SuJu album for a long time ago and now here is her chances to realize her dream. on her 20th birthday her best friends ask her what she want for her birthday. instead of wanted Big Bang album she ask for SuJu latest album [have i ever mention that she is a VIP also]. well at first her friends was hesitate on buying her an original album coz it cost her a lot but then her friend a lot. Then t last she go survey and looking for a cheap SuJu album for her and when she reach this particular shop at petaling street when she asking the sales person there is it this album was available here and yes she ask for an ORIGINAL SUJU ALBUM not a pirated one. but then this girl introduce her a new and cheap version of that album that cost for around rm40++. she started to curious but then the girls convince her that was a china ORIGINAL version. well since this is her first time buy these original KPOP album. so without thinking much she bought that album. with the excitement she can't wait to present her best friends this album as her 20th birthday present. But unfortunately by the time her friends saw that album she knew it was a faked album and her friend was been scam. Well she try to ask her properly and when she explain what happen when she bought the album. my friends just receive the present quietly without anymore questioning coz when your bestfriends buy something for you and you wouldn't wanna hurt her feeling by telling her the album that she bought was a faked =_=
to convince you all bout the fake album here is some of the snapshot of the album with my cheap and poorly megapixel camera handphone = =
the front and back of the cover

the casing of the album and the content

the so called "lyric booklet" that ain't contain lyric of the song = =

and the picture of the cd = =

here is the reason why me and my friend say it was faked album
@ there is no CHINA version ever listed for this album.
@ for Chinese version there is only Taiwan version and the content and the picture of the cover it the same like the Korean version.
@ there should be a booklet of lyrics in it.
@ the quality of the MV was totally SUCKS!!! just the same like Youtube ripped version.
@ there ain't wooden box casing in any KPOP album before.
@ the MV was burn in a CD but not a DVD. official Album MV was burn in a DVD.
@ when u play the CD,Window Media Player show the info of the album as "Unknown album" and sing by "Unknown artist"
well here is some of the version cover of the official ORIGINAL album

Version A

Version B

version C (repackage)


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