Thursday, June 2, 2016

[020] Emotional and mentally broke down


Have you ever been in an intense emotional moments that stress you out until your eyes get dry up and tears fall down unconsciously?

I have been through that tough moment and i just don't know how to handle all this stressful moments in one shot.

All those miscalculation lead you to the entrance of the dooms day.

But i have to be grateful that people willing to tolerate and help me to temporary to solve the problems and doesn't blame me for my mistake.

After that tough moments, i getting exhausted very easily and i feel like falling sick but yet not feeling sick.

It feel like my body getting weaker and so does my mind.

What have happen to me?


Friday, May 27, 2016

019. Dig up the ancient room


Refer back to the previous post .
It seems that this beautiful blog have been abandoned for like 1year +++

Should i revive it or not?


Monday, April 6, 2015

018. GST and i really really need to start saving money


Since GST started and yea my saving plan this year was like half hanging. 
Last weekend spend RM100++ on clothing, food and junk.
I really need to start control my spending on junk. 
I gonna start my cooking plan now to save more money =_=

Finally have bought myself a sleeping coach train to SG from KL.
Hopefully is a pleasant ride.

Now still planning to go Boracay Island this Sept.
But aint sure whether really can make it or not :)


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

017. I'm back

It been a long time since i wrote another blog post.
sometimes i was thinking that i need a personal place to dump all my worries, complaint, annoyance instead of posting it at facebook. Although sometimes i purposely post there so that the peson who make me unhappy will know what he/she did to make me so unhappy.
But sometimes i think i need to continue back my online journal/daily post here.
maybe not daily but maybe a few times a week.
anyways was thinking how to revamp the blog, should i keep it fancy or keep it simple?
Anyway, Happy April 2015 to me...


Thursday, August 1, 2013

016. Frustration that doesn't help anything, I WILL SURVIVE!!!


Seriously fed up with the people here.
Or should I say those who work at the particular workplace for a long time.
I know that you are a senior but don’t mean that you can be rude to the junior staff.
Sometimes I was thinking this kind of idiotic people doesn't think on the behalf of other people.
When it was not happen on you, you can be as sarcastic as you can.
Critics here and there, scold at people here and there.
But did they reflect on themselves where they did the same kind of mistake also?
Fool only can see other people weakness but not theirs.

We just wait and see when some major problems happen to them.
I will just sit there and busy with my own stuff, go settle it yourself or die yourself.

Is not that I’m cruel or not tolerate.
I only know the rules of “helping each other and backup each other”.
You help me, I help you.
You step on me and I will step on you back twice the humiliation and damage you have done to me.

People say if you feel unhappy with the work environment there, you better quit.
For me the work here is OK, just that there a few devils here make trouble to other people life.
I gonna prove to them that I can survive here.


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